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Why Sinopia for IT services?

The importance of high-quality IT services in the face of current threats

In the business arena, in which systems and technology dominate all aspect of the organization, proper management of the IT arena takes on greater significance. The technologies’ control is so enormous that if there is a failure in one of the systems, the organization can suffer huge losses, and in extreme cases, close down. But if you choose Sinopia’s IT services, you’re all set.

Thanks to the methodology and capability of our team of experts, who have been breathing and living in the of technological world for about two decades, we can lead organizations towards their business goals. Sinopia’s added value is expressed in several ways:

Proper management of business IT services

Proper management of the IT arena is critical, and constitutes the key to the management of all other resources. There is no doubt that the organizations’ greatest challenge is the capability to accommodate all the rapid changes in the technological world, and in parallel to provide a response to business needs, while managing the company’s risks.

Therefore, when something is of supreme importance, it’s best to leave it in the hands of experts who have the knowledge and experience necessary to move the organization towards success, and Sinopia fits right into this slot.

Thanks to the methodology and capability of our team of experts, who have been breathing and living in the of technological world for about two decades, we can lead organizations towards their business goals

IT services – in practice

The definition of managed services is full management of all IT layers – starting with the user level, production infrastructure, backup copies, business continuity, and information security.

On every site that we manage, there is a team consisting of a senior system manager (operational manager) and a systems and support team, led by a team leader responsible for the ongoing handling and maintenance of the organization’s infrastructure, and of its users:

  • Dealing with core infrastructure: the company’s sites, physical servers, virtual servers, storage arrays, communication infrastructure and data security, cloud infrastructure, and the life-cycle of the data: disk/cassette backup, replications, and the DR site.
  • Managing core applications: managing, dealing with, and support for all company’s core applications. We are speaking of the systems that support the
  • company’s performance of its business activities, for example CRM, finance, email, the company’s website, and more…
  • Operation and management of supporting infrastructures: here we are speaking of all infrastructures that support the ongoing operation of the server and communications rooms, For example: electricity feeds, air conditioning, fixed physical cabling
  • Data security: CISO services (implementation of standards 27001 and 27799), mail security, safe browing, secure connections, network access control.

Why Sinopia?

Sinopia’s added value is expressed in several ways:

  • Disaster recovery – The principle that guides Sinopia throughout – the information always must be available and accessible to the company everywhere. Thanks to this approach, and in combination with a clear and ready strategy, we knew how to assist quite a few of our clients in cases of emergency or significant disaster.
  • Proven experience – we have been in the IT world for two decades already, we have managed dozens of clients small and large by the principles that have guided us to this day:
  • Significant budgetary savings over the time axis – that is, making maximal use of the purchased equipment implemented in the organization.
  • Data continuity – maximal accessibility over the time axis over the course of years.
  • Validity of the data, while emphasizing minimal loss of information by expertise in, and implementing management of, the copies of the company’s data.
  • Partnership – We see intrinsic value in the partnership between us and our customers, when  the goal that guides us is – adapting the customer’s needs to the world of technology in a maximum cost/benefit way.
  • Peace of mind and assurance to move forward – our goal is to move forward with you towards meeting your goals quietly and with full confidence.
  • Proper and controlled management of the IT budget.

Your infrastructure with our touch - it's simply, the story of Sinopia Technologies.

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