Upgrading core organizational infrastructure

Preserving the informational resources of the organization, uncompromising availability, ability to expand and grow, and flexibility in making changes in accordance with business decisions


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Upgrading core organizational infrastructure

Upgrading core IT infrastructure that will serve as a platform for running the business applications of the organization, which will include:

  • Computer infrastructure
  • Communications infrastructure – Campus, WiFi, and Branch
  • Storage infrastructure
  • Backup infrastructure and business continuity

Preserving the informational resources of the organization, uncompromising availability, ability to expand and grow, and flexibility in making changes in accordance with business decisions

Thanks to the deep knowledge that has existed at Sinopia for years, we have the ability to build a variety of solutions for the core infrastructure upgrade program, for example: software-based storage infrastructures, a HCI platform, High-End storage systems, etc.

Sinopia is a knowledge center in the world of core infrastructure; our people have the knowledge, experience, and ability to come and learn the status quo, and to adapt it to the business goals of the organization. And all this combined with an understanding of the worlds of computing infrastructure, with the worlds of security and Data Insurance, using the principles that guide us, that are based on the Sinopia Five methodology (which consists of learning, analyzing, planning, implementation, and management and control), and thus marching each organization towards success.

Computer Solutions


Sinopia Technologies' operating space includes a wide range of services and solutions, all of which have been carefully tested prior to selection


Sinopia Technologies' operating space includes a wide range of services and solutions, all of which have been carefully tested prior to selection

advance networking

A communication network that is built and adapted to your organization means improved efficiency, increased productivity, less pressure and a significant decrease in downtime.

Information storage

Understanding the business value of business data, and whether they are critical to defining the storage strategy, is very important. Policy formulation is needed

The core infrastructure world

The core infrastructure world includes within it all the computer components which allow the users to access the data centers, and the digital resources of the organization.

The core infrastructure world has several layers:

  1. The base layer – which is in effect the world of servers that provide the computing infrastructure for the applications. This world is made up of hardware, that is servers, and above them is the virtualization layer, that together constitute a computing infrastructure for applications,
  2. The communications layer – on the one hand, it plays a central role in connecting the users to the organizational computer infrastructure, and on the other hand, the communications layer constitutes a communications infrastructure within the core infrastructure, that is, the organization’s servers.
  3. The storage layer – is the main storehouse, that has great importance, because it incorporates all the organizational information of the organization. This layer has two main functions: the first is the retention of existing information, for the purpose of viewing and queries; the second is the ability to write and accumulate new information that is received on an ongoing basis by the organization.

In our world view, these layers (base, communications, and storage) form the basis for building good and proper core infrastructures. Although the layers are separate from each other, as far as we are concerned, they should exist in each organization as one transparent layer that has full synchronization, something that will allow each organization to manage the core infrastructure flexibly, without sustainability or performance problems, and with maximum continuity, without failure points.

We view core infrastructures that are built accurately and well as having intrinsic value, which can help organizations achieve their business goals. Therefore, when approaching building a plan to upgrade core infrastructure in the organization, it is important to use professionals who come with a broad toolbox, which contains extensive knowledge about each layer, because only in this way can they translate the organization’s business goals and objectives into an optimal core infrastructure program, while using existing equipment optimally.

In our view, a deep holistic view of each of the layers that make up the core infrastructure world will help to more clearly understand the current situation in the organization, to learn the challenges, and, of course, to provide a solution that will serve as a sustainable, stable, and flexible core infrastructure.

SINOPIA – Decades of accumulated IT experience in your enterprise.


Hyper Converged Infrastructure

A hyper-converged infrastructure for multi-interface organizations.

A Hyper Converged Infrastructure is a comprehensive computer system, which combines a server and a storage system within one unit. These systems are pre-built to work on virtualization, that is, virtual servers. The benefits include lower TCO, increased performance, and greater productivity within the IT teams.

Our clients – untouched

As a leading IT and information security company, Sinopia brings its experience, knowledge, and professionalism to the project, and together with the computing department of Azrieli College, maximizes technological capabilities with long-term vision, while keeping within the budgetary framework.

We see Sinopia as more than a business partner. Throughout our years of working together, our feeling is that Sinopia is part of our DNA, a caring company that promotes the client technologically, with a broad vision and uncompromising service.

Yair Naveh
Vice President for Information Systems and Computing, Azrieli College

When we set out,
we did not realize how significant the word partnership was. Today, from a 7-year perspective, I can freely say that Sinopia is a full partner on our path, a path on which we have undergone many structural changes, and have overcome security information threats together. We see Sinopia and its employees as an integral part of our Group's employees, both in terms of involvement
and responsibility, and in their vast knowledge that makes us focus on the main thing, that is the expansion
and growth of the company's business center.

Ziv Laub
Vice President for Technology, Gulliver Group

Sinopia is not just another supplier!!!!

Sinopia is a true partner, honest, professional, and fair. It's great that our paths crossed.

We started working together with Sinopia about 6 years ago, and over time, the company has become an integral part of our organization. We received service from them in the field of backup storage, virtual servers, and a general computing network.

The staff at Sinopia are simply great, under the professional leadership of the network architect Eyal Sachs,

and Itzik Shamai HaCohen is the conductor of the entire orchestra– someone who fights for me and demands the best

Edan Aharoni, Kratos, Ltd.
Information Systems

Synopia A boutique company for managing and operating the IT system from end to end. When you manage a large and complex IT system, it is important to be accompanied by trustworthy partners from among the leading names in the IT market, who create full and continuous cooperation on a daily basis in everything related to ongoing work, maintaining continuity, and backing-up of information, as well as at the level of prevention and enforcement in the security field.

After many years of working together, I can confidently say that working with the professional and fair Sinopia company takes a load off my mind in everything related to management of the field.

Erez Ariav
CIO, Big

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