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Over the past year, cybercriminals have increased the number of their attacks, with more than 90% of attacks carried out via email, targeting the human factor through new tactics. Attackers take a step up each time, and to make things worse, they use malicious URLs for large campaigns. 

That’s why it’s important to raise your organization’s users’ awareness through interactive courseware. Sinopia believes that by way of the solution offered by the Proofpoint company, end users’ behavior can be changed, thus preventing future damage to organizations.

By isolating your browser, you can isolate specific sites or cloud applications. While your organization’s users access email and the Internet safely, you’re improving the security in your organization. This unique solution protects you from malware and malicious content. It eliminates uploads and downloads, and prevents the theft and loss of sensitive data.

Evaluating weak points of the users by way of simulated attacks Testing the users' knowledge by way of interactive games    Raising security awareness by way of customizable material 

Protecting people – PROOFPOINT

Whether if it is broad or targeted threats; whether they’re delivered via email, social media, a website, a cloud application, or in other ways, whether the attackers are motivated by financial gain or national interests, social tactics work time and time again. Victims click on malicious links, download unsafe files, install malware, transfer funds, and disclose sensitive information that causes enormous damage.

The Proofpoint company protects the enterprise’s biggest assets – its people. With cloud-based software packages, it helps a variety of companies around the world to block targeted threats, to protect their data, and to make users cleverer in the event of cyberattacks.

Without proper training, employees may click on emails before they think, or before they understand exactly what they clicked on, which is liable to cause great damage to the various companies and organizations.

Therefore, the Proofpoint company decided to take this subject  a step further, and, through an efficient and simple interface, it comes to teach and instruct the organization’s users how to deal with cyberattacks, and what they have to do in order to avoid them in the first place.



How does the PROOFPOINT protection work?

Instead of attacking systems or computer infrastructure, criminals prefer to focus on the human factor through new tactics – curiosity and trust – that cause people to click, download, install, transfer funds, actions that can lead to unprecedented damage.

The attacks are carried out at the macro level through massive social media campaigns, while at the micro level, they are carried out by targeted attacks through email scams. Even in attacks on cloud-based platforms, they rely on human error and carelessness to help them infiltrate the organization’s systems, thereby making fraud and theft easier.

Learning self-defense

Learning self-defense is done through interactive tests, exercises, and games.  The company makes sure to teach, and to raise the awareness of the organization’s users of various topics in the field of information security.

Proofpoint’s platform exists in a variety of languages, and users can answer any exercise question from any device. In addition, the company makes sure to be aware of new trends that exist in the cyber world, and it changes the study materials accordingly.

The statistics speak for themselves, and today, more than 90% of attacks are carried out via email, so it is important to raise awareness of the subject among the organization’s users.

Your infrastructure with our touch – that, in simplicity, is the story of Sinopia Technologies

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