Ensuring information and risk management

PROOFPOINT protection The most effective cyber security solution with protection for people in every possible channel. Includes email, network, cloud and social media.


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Ensuring information and risk management

The visibility of the organization’s infrastructure, in order to identify anomalies in the network (VISUALIZATION)

Defense and prevention of entry of malicious entities (PREVENTION)

A protection response to management, entry, and identification of users in the organization (NAC)

Data management and information prioritization in an attack situation (DATA MANAGEMENT)

PROOFPOINT protection is the most effective solution for cyber security, with compatibility with human protection on every possible channel, including email, network, cloud, and social media. Includes email, network, cloud and social media.


A simple interface for displaying events and threats, spreading an optimal defense infrastructure, analysis of events, and reaching system-based conclusions.

These three principles are at the heart of the Sinopia company, and they guide us in choosing the right tools for our clientele. Our ability in the field of information security and risk management is to lead organizations to a situation in which they implement tools that yield maximum cost-benefit, tools that serve them in properly analyzing and managing the threats to the organization, helping them to make correct decisions about their information security methodology.

Data insurance at Sinopia

Email protection

Protection against malicious email is a broad concept that includes many techniques built around securing digital communication within organizations. This includes...

Secure browsing

Browsing the internet has become an inseparable part of daily work, and it serves us for more than just day by day ongoing activity. Every moment, with one click... At any moment and with one click ...

Educational software and awareness

In the course of the past year, cyber criminals increased their attacks, where more than 90% of the attacks are made through email, focusing on...

EDR – end points protection

Focused attacks and persistent threats cannot be prevented through anti-virus solutions alone, which makes end points protection a vital component...

Network access control

Network Access Control (NAC) solutions, support the visibility of the network and access management, by enforcing policy on devices and users on organizational networks...


Firewalls have been the first line of defense in network security for over 25 years. it creates a barrier between secure and controlled internal networks which can be depended on and external networks, such as the Internet...

Monitoring Center Behavior

Many organizations invest in physical security systems and monitoring of the people who walk around, and/or visitors, and/or workers, but when it comes to monitoring users of digital assets, that isn't expressed...

SINOPIA – Decades of accumulated IT experience in your enterprise.


 An easy, effective, and simple to implement solution to solve the challenges of securing the human factor

 Learning how to protect against cyberattacks through interactive tests, training, and games.

 It’s in a wide variety of languages

 You can answer your training/test from any device.

 Stopping 99% of network-based attacks

Information security in organizations

Information security is a broad definition that relates to the protection of data from unauthorized access, disclosure, leakage of use, modification, or destruction, while ensuring privacy. Data can be anything from personal and intellectual property to market analysis and the company’s sensitive and commercial information. Information security is in the focus of attention of all organizations and businesses, following the cyberattacks that have recently increased significantly

In the past, information security focused on so-called “perimeter security,” that is, preventing external access to the network using various technologies, for example, a firewall. Today, the situation has changed: cybercrime focuses on the company’s personnel instead of on computer systems or infrastructure, so companies understand that perimeter security is no longer enough. This insight, and thanks to the development of technology, solutions were created that focus on the most important asset
of the organization – its workers.

Information security in organizations and human capital

It is also important that you, as an organization, educate and teach the company’s employees, who may be distracted and preoccupied during the day, not to be tempted to perform one click too many, which can cause unprecedented damage to the organization. Also, raise the awareness in the company of the subject of cyber security through tests, lectures, and interactive training; only through education will you be able to change users’ behavior if they feel they are facing a cyberattack

Of course, there are new solutions, from software solutions to hardware technologies, that come to protect your organization’s data, with a clear goal– to secure the information, in order to prevent the potential threats that can arise

Information security by means of email protection

According to the Verizon DBIR, as of 2020, 94% of all intrusions are aimed at people. The attackers “run after” the employees in the organization, because they are easier targets, in comparison to technical vulnerabilities, through which to penetrate the system. They send emails from trusted domains, and when the employee opens the email, he actually lets them in

Proofpoint’s solution helps to prevent attackers from using trusted domains
There are also a number of other benefits to using it

1. Thanks to this information security solution, you can discover the most attacked people in the organization (VAP), by virtue of to a unique attack index.

2. The threat can be stopped before it reaches an inbox and becomes a security event.

3. An investigation or the event can be carried out, and exactly what must be corrected can be found

4. It’s a completely automatic solution

The principles of information security at Sinopia Technologies

The principles that guide us at Sinopia in the worlds of information security, with a comprehensive view of the space of threats on the network, are:

1.Visualization – The ability to view events caused by a threat to your organization’s digital assets in a simple and easy-to-interpret interface .

2. Optimal infrastructure deployment – aimed at protecting and preventing harmful elements from entering the information systems space, combined with optimal risk management for the organization

3. Analysis of events and reaching conclusions – based on Big Data and AI systems, in order to reduce dependence on human interpretation ability, so as to reduce response time, thus bringing about immediate treatment of events that threaten the organization

4. The information security methodology of Sinopia is

5. Protecting the single user from threats by filtering content – Email security

6. Training the human resource – Awareness

7. Safe browsing

8. Network access control – NAC

9. Managing network users

10. Monitoring user network behavior

11. Deploying firewalls on the core infrastructure level, that is intra-organizational monitoring, and control of the information from outside of the organization to within it, and from within the organization outwards.

Our clients – untouched

As a leading IT and information security company, Sinopia brings its experience, knowledge, and professionalism to the project, and together with the computing department of Azrieli College, maximizes technological capabilities with long-term vision, while keeping within the budgetary framework.

We see Sinopia as more than a business partner. Throughout our years of working together, our feeling is that Sinopia is part of our DNA, a caring company that promotes the client technologically, with a broad vision and uncompromising service.

Yair Naveh
Vice President for Information Systems and Computing, Azrieli College

When we set out,
we did not realize how significant the word partnership was. Today, from a 7-year perspective, I can freely say that Sinopia is a full partner on our path, a path on which we have undergone many structural changes, and have overcome security information threats together. We see Sinopia and its employees as an integral part of our Group's employees, both in terms of involvement
and responsibility, and in their vast knowledge that makes us focus on the main thing, that is the expansion
and growth of the company's business center.

Ziv Laub
Vice President for Technology, Gulliver Group

Sinopia is not just another supplier!!!!

Sinopia is a true partner, honest, professional, and fair. It's great that our paths crossed.

We started working together with Sinopia about 6 years ago, and over time, the company has become an integral part of our organization. We received service from them in the field of backup storage, virtual servers, and a general computing network.

The staff at Sinopia are simply great, under the professional leadership of the network architect Eyal Sachs,

and Itzik Shamai HaCohen is the conductor of the entire orchestra– someone who fights for me and demands the best

Edan Aharoni, Kratos, Ltd.
Information Systems

Synopia A boutique company for managing and operating the IT system from end to end. When you manage a large and complex IT system, it is important to be accompanied by trustworthy partners from among the leading names in the IT market, who create full and continuous cooperation on a daily basis in everything related to ongoing work, maintaining continuity, and backing-up of information, as well as at the level of prevention and enforcement in the security field.

After many years of working together, I can confidently say that working with the professional and fair Sinopia company takes a load off my mind in everything related to management of the field.

Erez Ariav
CIO, Big

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