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Designing and implementing core projects

Designing and implementing projects

The world of technologies, computing, and core infrastructure are pillars of any organization, since they communicate with each end user in one way or another.

Thanks to the many years of experience we have accumulated in Sinopia, and to our methodology, which accompanies us in each of the projects we have carried out, we have the ability to perform each project in the most proper and correct way, one  that is adapted to the organizational needs and goals.

During the design process, we already know how to take a broad look at the existing situation, while understanding future needs, and adjusting the gaps between the needs and the actual situation. We believe that learning the existing IT environment is a prerequisite, and must be done before reaching conclusions. Therefore, we make an effort to explore the environment, from the infrastructure, through the application, to the user.

Designing and implementing core projects

Proper design and balanced integration of the worlds of technologies, computing, and core infrastructure, will allow you to work more efficiently, and to maximize each project.

Since planning core projects correctly and in a controlled fashion is important, and even critical, we in Sinopia have established a technology center whose purpose is to design, plan, and implement various projects in these worlds. 

At the end of the learning process, we begin to perform an analysis, which aims to identify existing and potential failures and risks. After that, we move on to the planning stage, in which we work on the SOW document, taking into account budget considerations, availability, potential for future expansion, and data security and insurance.

In fact, the client receives in advance a snapshot that accurately reflects the project at its completion. Our goal is to build a solution that will be designed and built in the very best way, because only so can the organization achieve increased operational efficiency

After planning, the implementation phase arrives, i.e. the installation and implementation of the solution, until a final product is reached that corresponds to the document definitions, all in a controlled manner, and with minimal interruptions to conducting the ongoing business.

From then on, we are at the disposal of the organization, in providing IT services and managing the new environment on an ongoing and daily basis by our company’s team of experts. It is important to note that it is possible to even remotely manage and control the new environment, all this without the need to employ professionals within the organization.

Sinopia – on the road with you

There is no doubt that you can see projects of this kind as an genuine investment in the future success of the organization, so take the subject seriously: wisely choose the partners who will be at your side all the way, and who will know how to adapt the project to the needs of the organization, in order to realize maximal cost/benefit.

If there is a large project in your enterprise, or one is being planned, and you are looking for a partner who will give you peace of mind, full confidence, and also, of course, the ideal solution that will serve the organization’s goals, contact us today, and we will be happy to offer you a package of solutions, accompanied by our team of experts.

Your infrastructure with our touch – that, in simplicity, is the story of Sinopia Technologies.

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