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Your partners along the road

The story of Sinopia

With decades of accumulated IT experience, Sinopia Technologies professionals are full partners in the technological challenges faced by the organization’s management, whether it is the Information Systems Manager, the Information Security Manager, the Chief Technology Officer, the CEO, the CFO, or the Marketing Manager. We ensure peace of mind and quality time for the organization, enabling it to concentrate on areas critical to its business growth.

Your infrastructure with our touch

That, in simplicity, is the story of Sinopia Technologies.

So what does "partnership in the mission" mean to us?

For us, partnership in the mission is the beginning of a journey whose beginning is known, whose route is value, and whose destination is well-defined. We know that each journey has its own rules, but despite all the challenges inherent in travelling on the road to the goal, we at Sinopia will always accompany you, and we’ll be by your side.

Now we’ll get to some interesting facts about us:
Sinopia has been in the IT market since 2002. It was founded by Eyal Sachs, and, in late 2012, Itzik Shamai Hacohen joined the company’s ownership. Together, they proudly march the company forward.

The company is currently positioned as a significant center of expertise in the IT market in the world of core computing, focusing on computer infrastructure, information security, and full control of digital assets, whether they are held within the confines of the company’s walls or are provided at the cloud level.

Sinopia as a center of technological expertise

Sinopia designs and implements the Sinopia 5ive methodology for adapting precisely to the changing needs in the organization, with advanced technological solutions from the best producers in the fields of infrastructure, backups, information security, and cyber.

Throughout our years, we have been privileged to gain loyal partners from among the leading names in the economy, who everyday enjoy full and constant cooperation in everything connected to ongoing work, maintaining continuity and backing up data, and also to threat prevention and enforcement in the security area.

We would be very happy to get to know you, and to share with you countless examples of our projects and our partners, with whom we travel a wonderful path.

Itzik and Eyal

To what do we commit ourselves?

As a center of knowledge and professional technological expertise, we are committed to full responsibility for our service and products, to the professional integrity and reliability of our people, to their involvement and caring at all levels of the company, and to a true valued partnership

And what's your story?

Your story is about an organization that has realized that business growth in a competitive and dynamic market requires the implementation of an innovative, well-managed, well-maintained, and efficiently-updated technological infrastructure, in accordance with the evolving and changing needs of the organization.

What do we believe in?

We believe that what isn’t simple, simply does not happen. Therefore, our service charter is to provide the organization with the precise technological solution for its business needs and existing infrastructure, within the framework of a defined time schedule and budget, while providing ongoing consultation, service, and support, while neutralizing any complexity.

What do we promise?

We ensure peace of mind, and we free up time for the organization’s management to engage in the tasks that are at the core of its activities. No more lost time on upgrades, updates, and multi-system projects that are incompatible with the real needs on the ground, or are carried out inefficiently and drain resources.

Your success is our mission

What are the factors that make the story of the organizational IT a challenge?

  • • The huge flow of data that every organization currently generates every millisecond, and that requires ongoing business and technological attention.
  • • The unimaginably huge supply of innovative technologies, from which you must choose the ones that are most suitable for the enterprise’s business needs
  • • Time schedule and budget frameworks that are strictly-defined and usually limited, and the wish not to harm conducting the organization on an ongoing basis.