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The importance of network access control

The importance of the NAC solution in the organization

We believe that the enterprise network is at the heart of the corporate computing infrastructure, that holds all of the company’s digital assets. Without access to digital assets, the organization is unable to exist at the business level over time.

We believe that any user who has been granted permission to log on to the enterprise network will have to undergo entry control, that will prevent parties who are not allowed to access information on the organization’s core systems from entering it in the first place.

The general capabilities of the NAC solution

NAC solutions help organizations control access to their networks with the following capabilities:

  • Manage a policy lifecycle: Enforces policies for all operating scenarios, without requiring individual products or additional modules.
  • Profiles and visibility: Identify a profile of users and their devices, before malicious code can cause damage.
  • Network access for guests: Manage guest users through a customizable self-service portal that includes guest registration, guest verification, guest sponsorship, and creating a guest management portal.
  • Security Status Check: Evaluate security policy compatibility by user type, device type, and operating system.
  • Cases and responses: A solution that facilitates dealing with network threats by enforcing security policies that block, isolate, and correct incompatible processes, without the attention of the system administrator.
  • Two-way integration: A solution that integrates with other security and network solutions through the open API/RESTful interface.

NAC system

Network Access Control (NAC) solutions support network visibility and access management by enforcing policies on devices and users on  enterprise networks.

When organizations now must address the tremendous growth of mobile devices with access to the enterprise networks, and the security dangers that they bring, it is very important that they have tools that provide the visibility, access control, and compliance that are required to strengthen the security infrastructure on the corporate network.

NAC systems can prevent network access by incompatible devices, place them in a quarantine zone, or give them limited access to only specific computing resources, thereby protecting unsecured information spark plugs, in order not to infect the network.

Examples of implementation of network access control

The NAC solution for guests/subcontractors

Whether it’s company subcontractors, auditors, or partners, organizations use NAC solutions to ensure that non-employee users have network access permissions that are separate from those of employees

The NAC solution for BYOD

The exponential growth in mobile devices freed company employees from dependence on the computer on their desktop, and gave employees the freedom to work remotely, using their mobile devices. NAC for BYOD ensures compatibility with all devices owned by employees, before logging onto the network.

The NAC solution for the Internet

Whether it is manufacturing, healthcare, or other industries, IoT devices are growing exponentially, and serve as an additional entry point for attackers to log on to the network. NAC can reduce these risks on IoT devices by implementing user profile policies and defined access for different device categories.

The NAC solution as a response to an event

NAC providers can share contextual information (e.g., user ID or device type) with third-party security components. They can respond to cybersecurity alerts by automatically enforcing security policies that isolate the corrupted endpoints.

The NAC solution for medical devices

As more medical devices enter the network, it is very important to identify devices that enter a hyper- converged network. NAC solutions can help protect devices, and medical records from threats, improve medical security, and strengthen protection against ransomware.


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