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Data Insurance in the organization

Data availability – to what extent can the data survive and remain available to the company

Data validity – this connects to the entire methodology of sub-copies, which starts between the worlds of automation and the worlds of storage and backup

Disaster recovery capability – setting up a DR site in the case of a natural disaster, a logical/physical failure, or any other emergency situation.

The principle of securing information at Sinopia already begins in the lower layers of the information lifecycle, starting with the methodology of survivability and redundancy of computing systems, through communication channels available in any emergency situation, and continues towards storage mechanisms that combine within them the beginning of the sub-copy cycle, to the management of the time points in the worlds of BCP (Business Continuity Planning) backup and disaster recovery. Thanks to the Sinopia Five methodology, we have helped our clients recover from physical/logical failures, disasters, and emergencies, with as little damage as possible from the threat – both at the economic, and at the informational, levels.

Means for ensuring information in the organization

Data backup

Out-of-business backup servers are useful for data recovery because they provide huge amounts of storage at nominal prices especially when comparing the hassle it saves in the event of an information disaster ...

Business Continuity Plan

Sinopia enables organizations to establish a business continuity plan tailored to their needs, with an emphasis on the space of business and budgetary considerations, which are reflected in the examining the importance of business implementation in facing the risk...

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery plans, and the preventive measures they include, are essential in stopping disasters in the first place. Organizations can not always avoid disasters, but setting up a plan helps minimize the damage and bring about ...

SINOPIA – Decades of accumulated IT experience in your enterprise.

Why Zerto?

Because Zerto is the ultimate solution for ensuring information

It’s a solution which insures you when a malfunction occurs, or when the servers collapse

It provides backup, recovery, business continuity,

convenient switching from one server to another, and keeps you confident

DR – An alternate site in times of crisis

The benefits of a disaster recovery plan

A solution that insures you when servers malfunction or crash and allows you to back up, recover and maintain business continuity, to easily switch between servers, and to be insured.

Preventing a business continuity calamity in the course of a disaster, and disaster recovery.

Limiting the time it takes to “get well,” and possible critical delays in business activity.

Improving security

Regular activity in cases of physical or logical failures.

What is ensuring data at Sinopia?

Ensuring data at Sinopia is essentially the implementation and readiness of the continuity of information for the survival of the data, and preparation for a disaster recovery plan, that does not burden the existing personnel and budget of the organization, and all in the simplest possible way  Thanks to the Sinopia Five methodology, we have helped our clients recover from physical/logical failures, disasters, or any emergency, with as little damage as possible from the threat. 

the Sinopia Five methodology, we have helped our clients recover from physical/logical failures, disasters, or any emergency, with as little damage as possible from the threat. 

Therefore, we have the ability, thanks to the experience we have accumulated over the years, to give expression, in each organization, to our ability to implement any information assurance program, based on the organizational infrastructure, with uniform and simple management.

Strategies and processes to ensure data

In an age when we must be available and accessible to the organization’s information centers even in cases of physical or logical failures, disasters, or any other emergency, first of all it is important that we ensure that the information can survive and can be accessible to us at any time and place 

Therefore, it is important to create a strategy and bring about a program that will consist of procedures and processes that the organization must perform during and after a disaster, so that the information is guaranteed and accessible to all users in any situation, time and place. 

Any business continuity plan must include a disaster recovery plan that documents an organization’s planned tactics after it is caught in a state of emergency. It will also be noted how the critical services and functions of the organization will be restored in an alternative location. It is important that each such plan also has a contingency plan that documents what actions should be taken if the organization cannot act in place of the crisis or in an alternative location. 

Business continuity is more than just a plan or a back-up, it is about thinking about the organization from a higher level, whose main point must be directed towards managing the information lifecycle. The capabilities.

Sinopia – your partners on the road

Sinopia’s extensive knowledge and experience allow us to do exactly this, to look broadly and meticulously at the process of managing the information lifecycle, ensuring that there are no failure points in the interfaces between the physical and logical layers of the core infrastructure in the organization. Moreover, we know how, in the case of a shutdown, to restore the organization to a state of regular work. through the correct structure of the sub-copies, combined with the storage and backup systems.

Our clients – untouched

As a leading IT and information security company, Sinopia brings its experience, knowledge, and professionalism to the project, and together with the computing department of Azrieli College, maximizes technological capabilities with long-term vision, while keeping within the budgetary framework.

We see Sinopia as more than a business partner. Throughout our years of working together, our feeling is that Sinopia is part of our DNA, a caring company that promotes the client technologically, with a broad vision and uncompromising service.

Yair Naveh
Vice President for Information Systems and Computing, Azrieli College

When we set out,
we did not realize how significant the word partnership was. Today, from a 7-year perspective, I can freely say that Sinopia is a full partner on our path, a path on which we have undergone many structural changes, and have overcome security information threats together. We see Sinopia and its employees as an integral part of our Group's employees, both in terms of involvement
and responsibility, and in their vast knowledge that makes us focus on the main thing, that is the expansion
and growth of the company's business center.

Ziv Laub
Vice President for Technology, Gulliver Group

Sinopia is not just another supplier!!!!

Sinopia is a true partner, honest, professional, and fair. It's great that our paths crossed.

We started working together with Sinopia about 6 years ago, and over time, the company has become an integral part of our organization. We received service from them in the field of backup storage, virtual servers, and a general computing network.

The staff at Sinopia are simply great, under the professional leadership of the network architect Eyal Sachs,

and Itzik Shamai HaCohen is the conductor of the entire orchestra– someone who fights for me and demands the best

Edan Aharoni, Kratos, Ltd.
Information Systems

Synopia A boutique company for managing and operating the IT system from end to end. When you manage a large and complex IT system, it is important to be accompanied by trustworthy partners from among the leading names in the IT market, who create full and continuous cooperation on a daily basis in everything related to ongoing work, maintaining continuity, and backing-up of information, as well as at the level of prevention and enforcement in the security field.

After many years of working together, I can confidently say that working with the professional and fair Sinopia company takes a load off my mind in everything related to management of the field.

Erez Ariav
CIO, Big

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