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Business continuity plan

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Business Continuity Plan

Business continuity plan and the benefits of Sinopia

The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) refers to maintaining or renewing business functioning in the event of a significant disruption or a systems collapse due to an external party.

Sinopia has assisted its clients in continuing critical business processes without any interruption in cases of logical or physical failures, thanks to an accurate business continuity plan with an RPO/RTO with minimal values, and in accordance with each application and its impact on routine business activity vis-a-vis the organization’s customers. 

What is a Business Continuity Plan?

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) refers to maintaining or renewing business functioning in the event of a significant disruption, whether caused by a fire, flood or destructive cyberattack, for the purpose of ensuring the continuity of the information that is critical to the organization.

This program is an outline of procedures for preventing damage, maintaining productivity, and recovery, in the event of a disaster. It comes to protect critical servers and applications, human resources, business partners, or, in other words, anything that your organization sees as important.

Disaster recovery in contrast to business continuity

Many people think that a DR (disaster recovery) plan and a business continuity plan are the same, but they are in fact two different plans. The Disaster Recovery Plan focuses on restoring IT infrastructure after a crisis, and constitutes just one part of the business continuity plan, that focuses on the continuity of the entire organization.

When creating such a plan, it is important to take into consideration the possible threats such as: natural disasters (e.g., flooding), human error (any disaster caused by human negligence), service failures (e.g., power outage), intentional sabotage (e.g., data leakage), and cyberattacks (any attack on the company’s assets).

Updating and maintaining the business continuity plan

Once you have built an important business continuity plan, it’s important that you inspect it regularly, Some organizations check the business continuity plan between two and four times a year, in order to know if it will actually fulfill its goal, or if perhaps  improvements are needed.

Sinopia enables organizations to establish a business continuity plan tailored to its needs, with an emphasis on the area of business and budgetary considerations, which are reflected in weighing the importance of the business implementation against the risk. That is, the ability to recover from the loss of information within a certain period of time, as defined by the customer, according to risk management.

This capability has been proven in many organizations, which achieve the objective of continuity and  stability of information  in critical matters, in accordance with the risk management principles set by the organization, without exceeding its ongoing budget or entering into non-implementable expenses.

The ZERTO solution for business continuity

Maintaining a business continuity plan for critical applications and servers, and in general for the entire organization, is a vital security measure today. There is no doubt that this is a very significant tool that helps maintain the functioning of the company in cases of disruptive events, and even prevents the company’s closure.


Hence the “Zerto” solution was born, which aims to protect your organization from logical and hardware malfunctions, human errors, and natural disasters. Thanks to the innovative technology on which “Zerto” is based, it provides DVR-like capability (comparing the recording capabilities in the video world to the world of data) to reappear and renew itself from any point in time, thus protecting your organization in cases of emergencies or disasters. 

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